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Saturday, November 3, 2007

LinkDump #1

dumpin' some links for you all

i know this is old, but i was wondering if you guys caught on to this from the last few months ago.

i especially like this version more hehe


I especially hate how they use a prayer while they show scenes of Asians shouting with looks of hatred... ugh...

and out of all places... they had to choose Burma... Why is this movie necessary? Ugh, and so America faces another "Yellow Peril" ...in the 21st century... when the hell will we stop depicting Asians like this? I'd actually love to boycott this film, in the terms of how Asians are portrayed in the film...

By the way, www.angryasianman.com is my favorite blog site for asian and asian american-related news articles and upcoming events.

Imagine your internet... 100x faster than what it is now... i can't imagine this hah, but i'm sure people would be downloading much faster (music, movies, etc.). yeah, IMO, it has it's ups and downs...

Anyone wanna go?

i was going through this clothing company's site. i thought these pictures were pretty cool.

it's been awhile since i've been on deviantart.com. Gilad Benari, name of the artist who took this picture, is perhaps one of my favorite photographers of all time. I've gone through his online gallery, read some of his blog entries, they've all inspired and taught me things i never knew. stroll through his gallery sometime, it's very inspirational.

and check out my gallery sometime! hehe


i'm out.

matt in the hat


One Imagination said...


Cue in the good music and the good times. Rambo has jumped on the Asian-killing bandwagon. More specifically, the glorification of the genocide of Burmese people. We first had the movie "300" dichotomizing the Good vs. Evil, or the Westerners versus the Middle-Easterners. Now, we have this movie taking an interesting look at the We versus Them spectrum--now it is the Good versus the Asians. It's okay to kill--just as long as they are Asian, because all Asians are murderers and they love objectifying women.

Wait, what happened to the Monks?!
Oh, I forget. This is an accurate portrayal of Burma. No monks are needed; they don't represent the majority of the savage, brutal Burmese population as so depicted in the film.

Anonymous said...

Let's not also forget the nationalistic Transformers as well as the Simpsons movie. So this is how our children get the 'news'...