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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Obey Sample Sale

It's bout' time, the 2nd time of the year I buy my clothes for the upcoming year hah (Obey has two sample sales a year, one in the summer and one in the winter). Does anyone wanna go?

And so you ask, is going to this worth it? Well if shirts that normally cost $30-$40 bucks are only $8-$10 bucks, shorts that should cost $30 are only $15, jackets that should be near $100 range from $30-50, scarfs that should be $20 are only $5, and hats, belts and wallets that should be $25 are only $10-$15... well i'll let you decide... (other than being thrifty, I also like Obey clothing, hah)

I'm thinking of camping out there this year... (yeah i know, sounds extreme huh?). I always thought it'd be a cool thing to do, either trying to stay up all night waiting in line, having a tent with some friends and camping out (as some do), or getting there in the rough early morning (and you can't believe how many cars a year get TOWED from this event, all because of illegal parking in the early morning). For the last two years (three obey sales in total), I've been fine getting there around 7am and getting in by 11am - noon, barely making it on time to work (that includes the drive from santa ana and back.

This year, it's on December 7th and 8th, 9am-7pm. I usually think the good stuff is on the first day, and it's the same place as every year, in the middle of NOWHERE (literally, it's in a commercial area zone in the middle of nowhere).

It'd be awesome if any of you guys can make it out, no entrance fee, inexpensive items and clothes (hats, jackets, vests, shorts, pants, scarfs, belts, wallets... particularly wanting the scarfs) but a long wait...

On average i spend about 100 dollars more than from previous sale, I think the most i've ever spent was $198 and my limit was $200... i'm good, hahaha (don't be like me). But this is also a good opportunity to buy people some gifts. As for me (as i look through my wallet and see the butterflies fly out), I'm sure i'll have money by onePOINTfive weeks, hah! I'm definitely doing my xmas shopping for people at the sale.

-matt in the hat