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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Push, push, halt.

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Activists, educators, protestors and students.
Many lives are characterized by the sisyphean struggle; meaning, we a struggle to push through life with unrelenting determination and a strong will to succeed; further, we embark on a journey of conscientization and the spread of critical education with an emphasis on realness and self-observation. We constantly question falsely-constructed fabrics of obscurity--further desiring to unveil the motives and hidden agenda of the popular media and elites. In turn, we are left with a need to peer into the depths of rationality, sound logic, and critical reasoning.
However, in the end, many are left at the beginning of the struggle. With that, how much real progress has been made?

In light of the anti-gilChrist event, we have made substantial progress. In relation, the students on campus have constructed a REAL progression to mass-enlightenment. The combined motives of students and professors have constructed a synergetic rally worthy of documenting in the annals of CSULB history.

In turn, the movement was many things. Firstly, the rally united students. And, although the movement did not shake and break the mass culture of silence on campus, the rally did unify individuals. Secondly, we were witnesses to the rallying cries of concerned students. And thirdly, the rally re-awakened a movement of critical consciousness on campus.

With that, let not the rock overcome and shatter our collective energy. The proverbial boulder rejects and works against our cause. It falls with the momentum of ignorance, apathy for humanity, and the heavy words of elitist ideals.