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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Pokemon Trainers Beat Max . . . A storybook

Greetings friends,

I am here in Seattle. And, so far I have met my little cousins, Elijah and Hazel. After kicking it off on a good note, watching enticing movies, Spiderman 3 and partly watching an Adam Sandler film, we decided to create our own Pokemon storybook. After a few intense hours of creative endeavors, we composed a finished product worthy of Nobel peace prizes and purple heart awards.

The writers are:

Elijah: Photobucket

Hazel: Photobucket

and, John: Photobucket


Now, we bring you, The Pokemon Trainers Beat Max: A Critical Analyses of Pokemon History and Battle Logistics

The Pokemon Trainers Beat Max, By: Elijah, Hazel, and John

Once upon a time there were three Pokemon trainers,

Their names were Hazel, Elijah, and John

They each had their own Pokemon.

Hazel's Pokemon was Light Slowbro!

Elijah's Pokemon was Sonice

And John's pokemon was . . . TARZON!

Suddenly, Max the evil Pokemon trainer appeared!

Max's Pokmeon was Onyx !

The battle lasted for days. The trainers and Pokemons were all very tired. They had fought very hard.

But, the three good trainers, Elijah, Hazel, and John won the battle. And everyone lied happily ever after . . .

THE END! ! !

Hope all is well with everyone. Love ya'll!




hahahahahahahhahaa. dude this entry is hilariousssssssss. is tarzon a real pokemon? i was never able to learn more than the first 150 pokemon (152 including mew and mewtoo). my brain wasn't big enough for 153+. how's seattle?

-matt n.

Jumakae said...

Matt, that is stilla lot...

Rudy said...

hahaha. awesome story book. and tarzon isn't a real pokemon Matt. I think it's just John's version of Charizard. haha. xP

miss ya John! hope you continue to have fun in Seattle x]