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Monday, December 31, 2007

Shadows of Time

...is the movie I watched on the way from Los Angeles to Tai Pei. It's a Bengali film (Not really Bollywood-ish) that's highly enjoyable, and it makes me not want to buy anymore clothes :(

Shadows of Time

Ravi and Masha are forced to work as child labourers in a Calcutta carpet factory and realising that money determines whether one is free or enslaved, the ambitious and resolute Ravi works his way up from common worker to best carpet knotter, with just one goal - to leave the factory behind him. Learning that the factory owner plans to keep Masha for himself as a prostitute, Ravi sacrifices all his savings to buy Masha's freedom, who is then forced to work in a brothel upon looking for new life in the city.
...but it doesn't end there, so go rent it! :D