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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Cisco the 'Comedian'

Upon seeing his act last Friday night at the Cambodian Christmas Banquet in Long Beach, I view him as a patriarchal (WOMAN BASHING!) racist who is extremely oppressive against his own people, though in his blog he claims to embrace his Mexican heritage. See his blog here:


And here is my response to him, which he will probably choose to decline possibly fearing his reputation as a striving 'comedian':

As beautiful as your culture is and as grateful as I am that you are appreciative and proud of your roots, I do not understand why you would do border crossing jokes as in this time it is an extremely sensitive subject, especially since Proposition 187 had been passed. Although I do have a sense of humor, I was deeply offended by many of the things you had to say. It is not easy to 'get some' from women who shop at Target and Wal-Mart just because they have 6 kids and you probably know more than I do that women (and men!) who sell flowers on street corners do it to feel like working class citizens. I don't want to bore you with facts and statistics but the matter is your jokes further feed into the oppression of women and minorities. They give others who do not understand the root cause of these problems an excuse to continue laughing at these issues as if they are not serious. Maybe you said certain things feeling like you were the only Mexican in the room of hundreds of people, but the fact is if you replaced 'Mexican' with 'Cambodian' last Friday night it would not have been so funny to your listeners, for the struggles of them trying to get to America are parallel to why your people cross the invisible borders placed on them. I encourage you to water your talents as a comedian, but I know you can use it to empower your own people rather than making them feel ashamed of who they are.

PS: it's the year of 2007, and yes, many of us women have jobs and support ourselves without the need to depend on men.