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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What's the Top 25 Censored Stories of 06-07?

Whas good!! I'm Queen Herstory. I'm a big fan of Break the Silence! Open Mic where I started to get involved early summer 2007..one of the best things that happened this year for me. =)
This is my first blog for One Imagination..and yyeeee..I'm excited and hyped up!

Soo..2008 is coming in a couple of days. I, myself is not really counting down for Jan 1st this year..but if you are..it's all good..I'm excited and again hyped up for the new year to arrive =) so much things I planned and not (let it come ..if it will). So how do you feel about next year? Whatever it is...getting a copy of this book will be a good way to enter 2008. With the corporate media taking control, there are news that wasn't mention at all which is really important. We need to know this and give our attention as to why the mass media doesn't want these news on local TV. The top 25 censored stores 06 and 07. Don't miss out! .Click on the picture to purchase the book.