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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1st day in Cambodia...

I arrived at approximately noontime. My friend Denny arrived with the taxi driver he arranged for us. Surprisingly, there to greet me as well was Bboy Peanut and Ratha, who both would be assisting the children in learning how to breakdance, or "DeeJay" as they call it.

Anyways, right after checking into the hotel, we went straight to the NGO (non-government organization) I worked with called CDCC/Center for Children's Happiness. These are children who are taken from the dump sites of Stung Meanchey, where they once lived and worked with their families. At this center they are provided housing, food, and education. Next we went to Little Folks, another NGO which is different from the previous because it is more of a recreation center for the children in the area whose parents suffer from HIV/AIDS. After I told all the children about the breakdancing, aka "DeeJaying" they all got giddy and tried to do it on their own. After all this I stopped by TINY TOONES, the grass root organization that started this whole hip hop scene here. Unfortunately they are desperately struggling with finances. Also, many bboys who were once part of Tiny Toones or picked up due to their influence are using their name yet profiting from it on their own. Fat cats are approaching these children individually in opposed to the organization - HIP HOP IS BEING RAPED! KK, the founder, is getting burnt out. I will try to get as much footage as I can to emphasize his efforts.

After this long day, we walked on the main street at approximately 8pm where I started skipping to stay awake. As I was swinging my purse, three men on a motorcycle tried to grab it. I clung on for dear life, refusing to let go, and they dragged me on the main road until reaching the traffic circle. My foot and knee is slightly scratched from being dragged for a while, but I'm a survivor and I'M A CHAMPION! A little neosporin and band-aid is all that is needed to fix the damage. Anyways, I know they aren't bad people. I'm sure that it is due to desperate situations, because if they really wanted to hurt me they would have dragged me into the traffic circle where I would have been eaten up by cars and motorcycles - maybe they didn't want to fall since I was trying to drag them down and cursing as well - hehe.

I went to a bar next door to my guesthouse and ended up hanging out with a woman who was once a political activist in the states, specifically New York. She was extremely active with Democracy Now (Amy Goodman) but after Bush got re-elected into office she left the states, feeling very burnt out, and has been in Cambodia since.

Revolutionary change must come from the people itself. And the people will not rise until they realize they are being are directly affected.

Till next time,



Rudy said...

June, it's barely your first day and your journey in Cambodia is already filling you with new truths, misfortunes, courage, and beautiful strangers.

Keep updating us!

justin77 said...

Wow, June. It sounds like your having a pretty amazing adventure. I'm glad to hear that they didn't steal your purse. How is Marissa doing?

If anybody tries to mess with you again, let me know, and I'll FedEx them an ass whoopin'.

Queen Herstory said...

Hi June,
wow..it's really nice reading your 1st day in Cambodia.as i read it..i try to picture it in my head. tight. hopefully everything goes well there. can't wait for your next update.