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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

first Diggin' Sunday of the year!! and some bizzare posts...

This is kinda funny,

Cinder Block Salesman

I guess a lot of people didn't take him serious when he first announced that he was selling cinder blocks for a buck.

This kid's father sold his son's unopened Xmas gift on ebay after he caught his son smoking pot (the story is told on the father's ebay item's selling page). He sold an unopened Guitar Hero III of the nintendo wii for nearly $10 g's!!, even though Guitar Hero III is only less than $100.

This child's mom sells son's car after finding his car unlocked and with alcohol in it. She sells his car in a classified saying some of the most embarrassing statements about her son and herself (very blunt statements about herself).

Meanest mom on the Planet

Talk about public humiliation, these parents really know how to embarrass their children. Actions such as these should be kept within the personal boundaries of family, not within the public. It's stupid shit like this that grabs media's attention and lures people away from problems of the world. On the other hand, it's ridiculously funny but still unnecessary.

I was reading about this book, sounds interesting, and it's noir!!

Also, I'm planning on spinning at "digging sunday" this sunday, any of you guys wanna come with me to tribal cafe? I'm either getting there early or late, depends on my meeting this sunday.

-matt in the hatt


Rudy said...

stories were funny. TBH, I rather read THAT than waste my time on corporate media that dishes out propaganda by the second. At least THAT's real.

I'm down for Sunday, unless something else comes up, but I should be good. carpool, yes?