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Monday, January 7, 2008

Droppin' some tracks

Hey ya'll, it's matt in the hatt over here, just droppin' some nice tunes off youtube that i came across in the last several days. jslam's inspired me to star uTubeJockeying, and so i am! ahah so enjoy!!!

OG vs. sampled (see if you guys can find all the samples in these selections hehe)

"Dumb Girl" by Run DMC

"Tell Me When To Go" by E40

"All I Do Is Think About You" By Tami Terrell

"All I Do" by Steve Wonder

"Let's Do It Again" by The Staple Sisters

"Today Was A Good Day" (remix) by Ice Cube

"Little Children" by Kool and the Gang

"MHBs" by Quasimoto

"All I Do Is Think of You"

"Time: Donut of The Heart" by jdilla

"You Are Everything" by The Stylistics

"Inside My Love" by Minnie Ripperton

"Lyrics to Go" by A Tribe Called Quest

"Baby, This Love I Have" by Minnie Ripperton

"Candy Rain" by Soul 4 Real

"Check The Rhyme" by A Tribe Called Quest

"Make It Last Forever" by Keith Sweat (because i like the song hah!)

-matt in the hatt


guava said...

Hot tracks!
Lovin' the music diversity.