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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Help Our Women be Strong

March is recognized as Women's History Month, a month to remember the stories of the brave, the tender, our mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers, fellow human beings. Even more, let us remember through the consciousness of heart, if not memory, the lives of the women whose stories go untold...for history is his-story, not hers.

Herstory is one of soldiers who gave their lives for revolution and struggle, but were never given a medal. Herstory is one that has brought her under the oppression of man, lifted by man to his moral high ground, and slain by the laws of man for failing expectations he would never expect of himself. Herstory is one of great leaders; leaders like Harriet Tubman who led her people into freedom, and leaders like our mothers who let us know that freedom is a mindset that can't be taken away, for love is the greatest manifestation of freedom. Herstory is also one of hearts filled with hate, murder, envy, pleasure, affairs...it is Pandora's box, because, after all, she is only human.

Herstory is also my story, for even though I am man, I am the son of both man and woman. It is my mother who has struggled for me; my aunts who have taken me in as their own; my grandmothers who've blessed me with their wisdom. So let us remember the history of the people who comprise over half of all humanity. Let's not forget that her struggle continues. Finally, let us hope (and fight) for the day in which we will no longer need a month given to us to remember her.

HIStory will tell her story and let it be known to humanity that it is, Our Story.

-Rudy Duriez

One of the major struggles confronting woman (and now, more and more, men as well) is image, whether it be skin color, hair, what they do, or the clothes they wear. Below are two classics that talk about image through the eye of the lens and poetry.


Short documentary about issues that black girls face within society growing up, and within their own families. What tore me the most about the video is when the little girl was asked to choose between two dolls. This video portrays the power of the lens to send a message, and how it can be used as a tool to empower the youth. To check out more great documentary style video telling the lives of youth through youth, check out ReelWorks.Org


A stunning and beautiful piece, part of the beauty being that it was written by a male. I've made sure that all of my little cousins have seen this video...and little girls around America should, for it breaks down image to its core. To check out more great stuff by the iLL-Literacy project check out their myspace.



Sounds like you wrote a poem hehe. Good stuff man! I especially like your opening sentence of the 2nd paragraph: "Herstory is one of soldiers who gave their lives for revolution and struggle, but were never given a medal."

will check the videos when i get out of class...

-matt n. the hatt