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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

James Nachtwey

The illest photojournalist ever.

Just notice his angle compared to all the photographers around him!
Would you risk your life to tell a story through a single photograph?

Check out more of his stuff while he's still alive at:



Rudy said...

It's difficult to be a journalist on the lines, and it's incredible how they put their lives on the line for those amazing photos.

What's more incredibly is the psyche and emotions of these journalists. The ideal journalists does not intercede in any of the events they witness, many journalists take this to heart...but they are human and it isn't long before their heart breaks to their humanity.

There is a famous picture of starved dying kid in Sudan (1994) crawling to the UN headquarters that was still a few kilometers away, in the background you see a vulture waiting for its meal.... no one knows what happened to the child, not even the photographer, who left as soon as he took the photo. Kevin Carter, the photojournalist, committed suicide three months later due to depression.

(if you want to check out the picture: http://media.npr.org/programs/newsnotes/features/2006/mar/carter/blurb200_lg.jpg)

Rudy said...
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