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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Diggin' Sunday's 2-Year Anniversary!

Yo yo yo guys, matt N. the Hatt droppin' the news on more of this weekends events,

Although there's the Social Justice Summit this weekend at CSUF, this Sunday is also Diggin' Sunday's 2 year anniversary. For those of you that don't know, Diggin' Sunday is this open turntable set event ran by Joel Quizon at Tribal Cafe (in p-town, off glendale, south from the 101), where DJs, record collectors, music enthusiasts, or anyone can drop some good vibe music (CD, records, and probably more...) ranging from hip-hop, funk soul, to electro and even reggae.

It's held every 3rd Sunday of a month, from 1pm-6pm.
I'll definitely be spinning over there, if anyone wants to carpool please let me know. I'm planning on going there as early as possible so I can get a long set.

-matt N. the Hatt