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One Imagination empowers the current and next generation of leaders through written and oral expression. As a collective based in the Long Beach/South Bay area, we believe that through conscious artistic programming, community education and outreach, and leadership development, we can cultivate a world free of hatred, ignorance, injustice, inequality, and oppression.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Proper Behavior for an Improper Proposition.


The streets of Long Beach were rocked tonight as approximately 1,000-1,200 individuals made their stance against the California initiative, Proposition 8. Honestly, I expected one hundred folks--but tonight proved me wrong. People are infuriated with the passing of Prop-8--even frustrated to the point that fifty individuals have so far been arrested (a sergeant from the LBPD tells me).

(To clear up some misconceptions: the police serve their purpose as peacekeepers. In no way, shape or form is their organization completely repressive. They are doing their duty, and I cannot doubt their intentions. Although at times, things may get out of hand. However, from what I understand when speaking to a few sergeants of the force, they are mostly concerned with the safety of their citizens and the orderliness of the city. Although, their experience cannot speak for all).

On the other hand: fantastic work tonight, Long Beach Pride.  Three cheers to those whom stood up for institutionalized forms of discrimination.  The struggle for equality can only be fought with perseverance.  Keep it up!

Among the many news outlets covering the event, the LA Times can be found here and here.