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One Imagination empowers the current and next generation of leaders through written and oral expression. As a collective based in the Long Beach/South Bay area, we believe that through conscious artistic programming, community education and outreach, and leadership development, we can cultivate a world free of hatred, ignorance, injustice, inequality, and oppression.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1i POEM OF THE DAY: Document Four by M, Thalia B.

Document Four

Naivety is an essence that envelopes a life.

It is a feeling,
Like the taste of sugar.
One you long for in its absence.

It is a beautiful song
That you had listened to everyday in your youth
But forgotten with age.

The day the song returns you realize how much you’ve missed its sound,
Never realizing its absence until now.
You can’t manage to fully capture its old feelings.

But you know it’s there.

Naivety and newness is what I look for everyday,
Not wisdom.

written by M, Thalia B.

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