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Monday, May 17, 2010

7 Year Old African American Girl Murdered by Police in Detroit

Aiyana Jones, a 7 year old African American girl, was shot to death in Detroit early Sunday morning by Michigan state police officers executing a search warrant for a murder suspect at the wrong house (see article below for details). She was hit in the neck by a single bullet and pronounced dead at St. John's hospital.

This is truly tragic and we send our condolences to Jones's family and loved ones, though unfortunately this is not an isolated incident of systemic brutality, repression, and abuse of power by law enforcement. We hope Aiyana Jones's story will resonate with people and move them to the point of wanting to do something more to change the world we live in. Whether it's working on increasing police accountability or building community alternatives to law enforcement or supporting victims' families, we make the call to everyone to step up and take action now.

State Police to Investigate Girl's Death



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