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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LA Unified employees facing layoff on July 1st

LA Unified employees facing layoff on July 1st

Date:6/8/2010 11:18:32 P.M. China Standard Time
From: ng121585@UCLA.EDU

LA Unified employees facing layoff on July 1st. We need your URGENT
support! Plant Managers, represented by Teamsters Local 572, are critical to
ensuring kids’ safe schools. Try to make an informational Teamsters meeting
12pm, Saturday June 12, at Teamsters’ union hall, Local 572, 450 E Carson
Plaza Drive, Carson, CA 90746.
Help us save these positions! Only a very
modest time commitment is requested – and much of your help can be done
remotely, via email and phone. For more information, call Adriana or Connie:
(310) 515-0601; or email adsworld@live.com or ASalazar@teamsters572.org .
More than 500 elementary plant manager positions will be axed in the latest
“cost-cutting” measure at LAUSD – but here’s the really crazy thing: The
layoff plan will actually COST the District 19 million dollars!

Natalia Garcia
UCLA Labor Center