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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be in Connie Lim's First Collage Music Video!

re-posted from Connie Lim Music

8/19/2010: Be in my very first Collage Music Video!

Hey homies! I have recently been inspired by International Friend's Day to make an interactive music video with YOU!

If you email connielimstreetteam@gmail.com with pictures of you with friends, along with shout outs to your buddies, I will respond to your email with a free mp3 of "walk on", and place you as a part of the collage music video!

So far we have submissions from new friends all the way from Japan, Hawaii, and Hong Kong! Let's get some more fresh faces so I can celebrate YOU celebrating FRIENDS!

Once I'm finished with this little project of mine (teehee), I'll send you the link to the video, and you can send it to the friends you sent pictures of. What a great way to reconnect with friends in our age of technology, rushing, and being busy bees!

Please send your pix in by August 30th!

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