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Monday, November 26, 2007

Another cool, yet affoardable t-shirt company

These are some dope Native American Themed shirts. Some are fairly controversial if you are daring enough to wear them on the street. Also they are fairly affordable for everyone to wear, not like OBEY with their $30 shirts.


-Ryan T.


Anonymous said...

This calls for a roadtrip to Pasadena. There is also a bombtastic museum in that area, The Simon Wiesenthal Museum.

I say we take a trip there--of course once finals passes over. The joys of escuela!

Queen Herstory said...

Tight! Can't wait to get me one of those soon! Ohhh preettyy.. =)

I find it awesome for those shirts to be advertised on air during an evening commercial on local TV!


matt said...

i love what they have to say in their ethics page:

"It is our mission to convey grassroots revolutionary ideas of equality to our customer through unique, independent, and bold design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products."


-matt n.