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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Understanding the Words From The King of Funk

Lately I've been noticing that WeFunkRadio has been planning to come out with a line of new shirts, featuring James Brown's famous song/quote "'Say It Loud' I'm Black and Proud." Checking the new line out, I ran into this article on the wefunk's front page that analyzed and commented James Brown's lyrics for his one song "Escape-ism" (there's two versions of the song, there's a regular edited version and a 19 minute one, this article covers the 19 minute long one).

In this article, the writer analyzes Brown's lyrics and points out Brown's example of Escape-ism. Check it out if you ever get time.

link: http://www.kalamu.com/bol/2007/04/08/james-brown-%E2%80%9Cescape-ism%E2%80%9D-complete-take/

-matt n.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Matt,

I skimmed through the article. But I will be asking you about it in full detail another time. I am intrigued by this concept of Escape-ism but I am a lazy sloth and too inundated with life--so much so that I will refuse to search the concept on Google.