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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Concentration Music

You heard it right. I finally found music that helps me focus. No, it is not hip hop; neither is it funk, soul, or smooth jazz. In fact, it's music that is not too popular with the contemporary crowds of today. But, I will embed the video below anyways. Hope ya'll like it.

TO MATT: Listen at 6:19. Wouldn't that make a sick/ill beat? Mix that segment with a funky drummer loop and you'll have one chaotic rhythm.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to properly listen to classickal music:
1. Close your eyes. Breath in, breath out. Slowly, now. You are about to embark on a phenomenal journey.
2. Imagine the most awkward/intense cartoon scene
3. Creatively dabble this scene with the paintbrush of your mind. Explicate, innovate, and exaggerate the scenery, characters, and landscape.
4. Invent an underlying story to all this.
5. Most importantly, stretch the limits of your imagination.