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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The War on Democracy

We thrive in it. We love it. We cherish it.
Or, so I was taught in primary schooling. In fact, the idea of democracy is a facade--and the creator, the American government is a perpetrator of falseness and backwards ideologies. To put it simply, the American government hates democracy. To put this into perspective, let us look at the mid 20th century.

This is a time period where the British lost their status as the hegemonic core economy of the world. Simply meaning the British have lost their crown as kings of the world. Now, the United States prevailed as the most powerful nation. Wielding economic, military, and political might, the United States sought to preserve its power. What better way to maintain the top of the hierarchy than to misuse America's tools of oppression: more specifically, the CIA and transnational organizations (International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization).

The video below depicts America's war on democracy. More specifically, the documentary focuses on the American-backed regimes in Latin America. From Venezuela, to Bolivia, Chile, and El Salvador--America has laid foundations for an anti-socialist, purely capitalist system. The system emphasized economic stability at the cost of human rights and civil liberties. Today, the corrupt Latin American countries (besides Venezuela) are actively fueling the machines of America's empire.

When will American imperialism fail? When will human rights be restored?

The War on Democracy

A quote from the movie:
"Governments that harbor terrorists, are as guilty as they are." -George Bush Senior

So, where does that leave us?



jumakae said...

Considering that this form of government is a facade rooted from Anglo-Saxon America, Do you think this conflicts with Burma's campaign for democracy?

Anonymous said...

As with any nation-state, the political forms of government are fluid and dynamic. So, what one would call a democratic sociialist, another would call a fascist dictatorship.

Burma's campaign for a non-violent democracy is based on more socialist values. The power needs to be invested in the people, as Aung San Suu Kyi would mention. Democratic values revolve around the government, not taking a passive role but merely facilitating the political atmosphere.

In turn, Venezuela's idea of democracy is based on similar socialist values. However, since there is much U.S. opposition to Venezuela, the Venezuelans have had to alter the democratic ideals to fit a more revolutionary and aggressive format.