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Friday, November 9, 2007

Video Game Nation !

South Park on Geetar Hero

Brain Games, Big Bucks

"But the belief that any single brain exercise program late in life can act as a quick fix for general mental function is almost entirely faith-based."

However, physical exercise is best. "Physical exercise improves what scientists call 'executive function,' the set of abilities that allows you to select behavior that’s appropriate to the situation, inhibit inappropriate behavior and focus on the job at hand in spite of distractions." With the rise of video games is the complete alteration and manifestation of a false reality. To take from above, Geetar Hero, when played obsessively, constructs a game out of reality; further deconstructing otherwise abstract and difficult tasks (like learning to play an instrument), and simplifying them to its most rudimentary state.

The writer suggests, "So instead of spending money on computer games or puzzles to improve your brain’s health, invest in a gym membership. Or just turn off the computer and go for a brisk walk. "

But, I myself enjoy the occasional Wii party.



matt said...

that's so true. Games such as brain-age is a collection of nice puzzles and fast-spaced logic games, but should definitely not be relied on as the only source of brain enhancement. I agree that it can train your memory, however i agree even more that exercising provides physical benefits that effect mental processing.

It's obvious that some people are lazy for the real deal, which is bad because it does not challenge a person, who may be foreign to a certain task, whether it be guitar, tennis, etc, may neglect to push themselves to their limits. Such as learning guitar on a videogame; it's like learning a bastardized instrument which determines your skill based on points rather than actual potential. However, i understand that it's still fun to play in parties and with others hehe. Plus this gives opportunity to those who lack the time to practice something they may wish to learn or play. It's nice to pretend, but not seriously pretend.

This article really inspires me to exercise more, it would help maintain my energy to stay active. I especially liked the article's point when it said, "Unless the activities span a broad spectrum of abilities, though, there seems to be no benefit to general mental fitness."

Variety comes through different forms and is necessary for a balanced life...

-matt in the hat"t"