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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

documentary on refugees. scrabbel. art.

YO guys, matt N. the hatt over here, dumpin' those links as usual.

First off the bat,

there's this documentary on cambodians that were deported back to cambodia. it documents their stories of how and why they were deported and what they are doin now. I haven't found time to go through the documentary myself, but i hope to get through it sometime in the future. Luckily, there's a 15 episode series cut up by some person on YouTube, so that makes it convenient for all of us to watch. so check check it.

Khmer-s Kids got deported back to cambodia.

As for this video, i swear i'm going crazy for this band!!! i loveeeee the video, it's cute (i admit i said the word "cute," i know it's a mooshy corny word, blah blah blah). but i especially love their music, i'm such a dance rock addict. I think they're goin to be my next favorite band. ALSO, they have an official website and has some songs available to download. Scrabbel rocks!!!

khayla has posted up her pics of SB on facebook, let's give her our critique!!!. it has lots of good stuff. we should plan more field trips like this, more hikes, more nature, more art galleries, more film screenings, good stuff good stuff. (WARNING: must be logged on to facebook before opening link)

i'll be posting up the graham cracker shots, black panther film screening shots, pv shots and SB shots by tonight. right now i'm trying to figure out if i should continue using the site i use to upload shots... or change it up...

-matt n.