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Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Hugs Campaign.

Ya'll know about the 'Free Hugs' campaign. Check out these videos for ideas and revelations.

'Free Hugs' in Amsterdam

'Free Hugs' in South Korea (although much needed in the North)

'Free Hugs' in Scotland

'Free Hugs' in NYC

'Free Hugs' in Hollywood

And, the god of all hugs:

Props to Juan Mann. He is the one-man creator of this campaign. Beautiful!

Peace and Hugs,


Kayla said...

I've always wanted to do another one.


You can check the forums and join one or possibly recruit people to join one if you organize it. It's pretty cool.


wow, all these hugs makes me want to hug someone now. but i think i'd be really scared if someone dove at me like some of those people who dove in those videos hahaha. i'd probably get tackled down or somethin.

-matt n.