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Thursday, January 10, 2008

doin' it now because i know that later i'll never do it

the title stays true to how my whole day has been. it's imperative that i do things when i first think of them or otherwise it'll be pushed into oblivion.

first off the bat, i did some research in the last few hours on Santogold (thank you rudy) and drew some connections between other artists that she's worked with (MIA, RyeRye, the Cool Kids)

how many of you remember seeing this commercial?

..and were like "what the hell was that?" when i first saw it i was like... "who are these guys?" the sound was freakin' awesome, as random and absurd as it sounded.

these guys are The Cool Kids, whom (based on wikipedia) get their inspiration from 80s and 90s hip-hop (i sorta believe that statement kuz of "looseleaf paper" and most of their lyrical rap style). digging up on these guys, i realized that i've seen some of their stuff before, such as the music video below to the song you may have just heard...

they make a very irregular slow-mo sounding beat, but for some reason i can imagine this isht bouncin' a crowd in a club. it works!

however, not all of their songs sound like that...

the sound reminds me of early 90s primo or pete rock beats that you could chill to, loopin' the track over and over, where it would never get old.

their style also gives me of that lupe fiasco and pharrell feel (i guess the whole "biking/skating/teen rebel/nerd/videogaming" theme has kinda picked up around the way... it's awesome... it's real and down to earth... especially for a nerd like me hah!)

ALSO, it's about time that the media starts realizing that everyone, regardless of race, fancies different hobbies, which portrays less stereotypes and more real identities (as far as the stereotypes i see in media. not all rap talks about clubs, drugs and booties). Growing up, i was more used to seeing white people in sitcoms, movies and music videos of rock/punk/hardcore, as the only artists/actors/actresses to incorporate extreme sports into their music videos (skating, biking, snowboarding etc.) ...times have definitely changed, and i'm grateful for the mixture and integrating interests that real people have to show society...

also, rye rye's video is pretty cool as is catchy

i think john and i stumbled on this music video sometime during finals, am i right john? or am i conjuring "false memory?" hehe

matt's list of favorite rap references to videogames

"Super nintendo, sega genesis, when I was dead broke man i couldn't picture this."

-matt in the hatt


j.guava said...

Bringin' '88 back!