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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vent: A Zine on Asian American pop-culture and politics

This past December, I discovered this zine through the Angryasianman.com's website, called Vent.

(for those that do not know, zine derives from the term magazine, yet is not fully a magazine due to its cheaply made process and material. zines are usually constructed from independent groups/orgs who have little funds/popularize an actual Magazine into the mainstream... inde things are better anyway!)

Vent is a zine that talks about the pop-culture and politics happening within Asian American community. The writers and creators of Vent are undergrad students of UC Davis, i think it's pretty impressive...

First issue here

i recommend all of us to read it. i haven't been able to read all the articles yet because some of them are cut off irregularly on the pdf file, which compels me to print out this issue hehe (probably will... at the asian resource center, haha).

i practically enjoyed reading all the articles. there's one on tila tequila that i found pretty entertaining and very sociological.

so check check-it