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Friday, January 11, 2008

Nam Viet

Greetings from Vietnam! I have not yet had the opportunity to explore but I thought I'd like to let you know Matt that Tiny Toones (http://www.tinytoonescambodia.com) LOVE your mix! Unfortunately I was not able to make copies of it. Bboy Peanut from Seattle is currently sessioning with them and I emailed him asking if he could copy it for me so that it can be distributed to the other NGOs (non-government organizations). He is planning on moving out here next year with attempts to make Tiny Toones an NGO. I want to help as best I can, but the best I can do is aide them with donations.

Vietnam is very different from Cambodia because of the deep French influence it has. The park is swarming with couples and the traffic is much more controlled. It is still third world but being here in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon you can't see it yet. I'm actually looking forward to being back in Cambodia to spend as much time with the kids before heading back to the states.

Next winter I am aiming on staying in Cambodia for a month. I wish you guys will be able to join me as we aid the youth of Cambodia in the development of hip hop. This includes all the four elements (or five for those who are more politically correct). By the way, many may argue that we are distracting the recovery of the rest of the culture that has been lost - however what we are doing instead is giving the youth something new to explore. LET'S DO IT LET'S DO IT!


Okay, so it is nearing the end of my second day here. We have not yet left the city but instead have been going around town with Khai (who also worked at Dramatic Results) and his cousin. We nicknamed Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon the Las Vegas of Vietnam. Since I have been here, which only consists of last night and today, I have been to four different coffee shops that are nothing like the ones back at home. These are like clubs!! They are at least two stories and are full of couches, a bar, and loud music. Think Guppy Teahouse, but much larger and more luxurious - and cheaper. Anyways, as much as I am in awe I personally feel much more comfortable in Cambodia at this point. This city is extremely metropolitan. For example, Marissa and I just went to get a massage where we thought we would have a nice relaxing time being pampered. Instead, we were butchered when we found out that the massage parlor we entered consisted of attractive Vietnamese women whose aim was to bring male customers. Details will be left out. I think we dissapointed them and they took their frustration out on us because we walked out pretty sore.
Tomorrow I am taking a fisherman's boat through the Mekong River, where I will get to see more of the villagers and the farmlands. It should be a better day...

By the way, I forgot to mention that when we were biking at Angkor Wat, I crashed into a moto. Don't worry, it was probably .5 miles per hour because we stopped into each other at the same time. I just thought you'd like to know about my clumsiness. Also, it is required by law that everyone in Saigon wears a helmet. Wouldn't you like to know I was wearing mine backwards? I worry.

See you soon,


PS: I am learning that tourism is definitely not my thing. As much as I enjoy seeing sites, traveling is much more fulfilling when it is done with a purpose. Other than that, time is ticking and the world calling out your name! Who will answer? Peace!


Rudy said...

haha, June, what a klutz!

hrrmm, when I was in Mexico last I was in a sort of awe when I went to see a movie. the movie theater over there had restaurants within, a dance floor, and even waiters that go around, before the movie starts, asking you what you want to order so that they can bring it to you...and you don't have to miss the beginning of the film...plus it's less than 3 bux to get in.

jumakae said...

OKAY we're going to Mexico!!! :D

anyways, it turns out that the coffeeshop WAS a club! it is four stories high and on the 3rd floor is hip hop, 4th floor is disco. I was amazed and really confused. I was like, i thought we were going to a club. why are we at the same place we had breakfast at? hahaha. anyways, i was homesick for Cambodia and I am back already. We overslept and missed out tour and my roommate woke up with a hangover... blahhhh. i hope u guys can come with me next year. lots of drama, but our presence is necessary... For the Kids!

I get back on the 18th around 2pm. We can meet that night or even the 19th since I am off of work.

see u guys soon...


Rudy said...

I told myself I would be in Asia by September of 2008 since I was a freshman, and I plan to keep that promise to myself. It be cool to participate in that program in Cambodia(!) Though, it seems India is giving me a louder call.

We'll see where the currents take me.

Can't wait to have you back in SoCal! x]]

guava said...

Three more days!