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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our education system in dire straits.

If you thought our school systems were failing you were right. With graduation rates at 50% our children are also drastically behind africa in fighting skills.

Report: American Schools Trail Behind World In Aptitude Of Child Soldiers

I advocate for small arms training at 3. If you can walk, and speak someone's name, you should be able end their life as well. Our public schools are far out pacing private schools for violence aptitude, people are paying more for their children not learning how to protect themselves! outrageous.



the seed rudy said...

Leave it to the onion!!

my favorite part:

"I recommend parents do small exercises with their children...like leaving them in the jungle, with only a knife..."


I can only laugh under my comfort. I wouldn't surprise if one day American children will need to use a weapon to defend themselves...crazy world...even crazier reality.

matt said...

haha, wow, this is great. I love what you say as I quote you saying "If you can walk and speak someone's name, you should be able to end their life as well." hahahaha. I'm with rudy on my favorite part of the video. haha hilarioussssss

-matt n. the hatt