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Monday, February 4, 2008

Women say no to war!

Mariposa Alliance and GABRIELA Network
March 8th Against the War!

GABNet (Gabriela Network) USA, in coordination with the Mariposa Alliance, called today on all women and women's organizations to restore March 8th, International Women's Day, to its proper historical and political context by asserting women's opposition to the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

GABNet pointed to 1913 as the year when the true essence of International Women's Day was most overt. In that year, European women held multiple rallies against the looming World War I; in the same year, a black suffragette marched for the first time with white feminists in Washington DC, calling for women's right to vote; and in the same year, the women of Petrograd, Russia, launched an uprising against the Tsar.

International Women's Day, said GABNet, was never meant to be a simple commemorative day. It is meant to be the day when "women's voices are meant to be the loudest, women's stand" on political issues, both national and international, most vividly manifested.

All chapters of both GABNet and the Mariposa Alliance are gearing up for activities -- ranging from marches to forums -- around the theme of MARCH 8TH AGAINST THE WAR.

In LOS ANGELES, march & rally
to show that WOMEN SAY NO TO WAR!

Saturday, March 8th
11:00AM, Olympic & Broadway
Downtown Los Angeles

FOR MORE INFORMATION: losangeles@gabnet.org, www.gabnet.org

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