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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Matt N. The Hatt is...

From Engrish.com

Hey everyone,

"Matt n. the hatt is back, to attack!"

It's been awhile since I've made an entry, but because I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to post new news, upload any pictures or find time to relax (which really sucks). But after a long and tiring week, i was able to find some time to dump some links and drops some news. Enjoy!

Be Kind Rewind premiers tonight!!!

Jack black impersonating Robo Cop
Being such a Michel Gondry fan, I'm dying to see this. ***UPDATE: I just watched it last night... it was great! Although, it is not my favorite Michel Gondry film of all time, I certainly liked it for being such a heartwarming and creative film. Applying childish themes along with community solidarity and historical preservation, Be Kind Rewind is more than rewinding VHS tapes before turning them into the drop-off box. Don't listen to me, just ch-check the film while it's still in theaters!!

Here's a site all about white people...
Stuff That White People Like
Some are funny, some are not, critique for yourself.

Here's a site about bad "Engrish."

Q. What is Engrish?

A. Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design.

Q. Your site disgusts me. How can you make fun of others like that? They are only trying their best to use English as a second language.

A. Please remember that the point of Engrish.com is to have fun with the Engrish phenomenon, not to make fun of (criticize/mock/ridicule) the people who made it. The webmaster has taken great pains not to point out the faults of others or have a discriminatory tone - just to have fun with the results. Engrish.com does its best to stay away from any type of "ha ha – these guys are idiots" lines or insinuations. You will also find that the vast majority of the English examples on Engrish.com were produced by companies - not individuals and that most of the Engrish found within the site is not an attempt to communicate, but are examples of English being used as a design element.

At any rate, if anyone can point out anything in the site that is blatantly racist or otherwise uncool (and Engrish.com agrees with you), we will happily change the content of the site.

The webmaster further explains that it is also open to collecting other forms of English misspelled words, not necessarily "English-Japanese" spelled words, but other grammatical or spelling errors. The only thing being made fun of really is... English hehe. ("You know what ESL stands for? English is a Stupid Language" ~Rex Navarrete)

Here's a site managed by an Angry Asian Man
In fact I get all my Asian/Asian-American news from this website. Very informative and is VERY aware of Asian/Asian-American/Pacific Islander discriminations that society portrays. If anyone else has any good conscious news-related websites on society, dealing with race, sex, class or gender, or any good news article websites/blogs, send away!

I actually haven't been web surfing latley so I actually don't have much to post... But please do enjoy the love.

-matt N. the hatt


Suanmi said...

holy crap i was laughing my ass off at stuff white people like. I also think it applies to white washed asians as well :P. angry asian man is the shit and engrish is hella funny.