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Sunday, February 24, 2008



Rudy said...
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Rudy said...

This doesn't fling with me too much. Though I definitely agree that many people in the western world, and many rich urban centres outside of it (Tokyo, Singapore..etc) don't always see past their small bubble of life, it doesn't mean that their concerns/feelings are illegitimate.

We must find balance between being outwardly conscious and self aware; both the world and the ego need catering.

Nonetheless..I do finding rather annoying when people that lead rather comfortable affluent lives complain about any little thing...being unable to buy the new trendy item included.

guava said...

The true message lies in the boy's words. Concern for self is one thing; whining, on the other hand is a selfish desire.

Anonymous said...

so is it the parent, child or societies fault?