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Monday, March 31, 2008

Not For Sale

So this is my first entry, and I figured I'd make it a good one.
I found this site while browsing StumbleUpon (thanks Tim!) and after showing it to Rudy, we figured it should go on the blog.

Not For Sale Campaign
This is a site working to end slavery/slave trades in our lifetime, all over the world (anywhere from San Francisco sex trafficking to child slavery in Peru).
This site has many different pages on news about the different forms of slavery as well as events and even ways to inform and communicate these issues with other people that may not be as well informed. I thought to "Free-To-Create" section would be interesting for us.
This shows different artistic/creative mediums to spread the messages.


In other news, after meeting up with Rudy and talking politics (as we do) I think I may head over to the Long Beach City Council meeting tomorrow to see whats going on. And while I know I don't live in Long Beach, I work in Long Beach, attend school there, and spend a majority of my time and money in said city. I figured it would be interesting, so if anyone is interested, let me know.
In order to understand Global/Large Scale politics it helps to understand smaller scale politics such as District and City, then State.

333 W. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach
(After Pine, somewhere in the Long Beach Civic Center I believe).

I wish you all a peaceful night, and a fulfilling day tomorrow.

Thinking about blue lights,

PS - Figured I'd throw this out there.
Here's some scientific test thing on LSD and it's affects on a patient and his painting.
Drawings with LSD.


matt n the hatt said...

As long as photography is a accepted artistic medium, i'm in hehe. How was city council meeting? Rudy called me for directions. i wasn't able to go, i'm back in oxnard...

i checked out the lsd trip. bottom line, don't do lsd. I didn't really find the abstract lsd tripped pictures that cool to look at... interesting test though!

-matt n. the hatt.

Kayla said...

I'm sure photography is an accepted medium. I don't know how to feel about joining with them exactly, but I'm sure all of us could do something on our own to spread some message, then give the info for the site, from the site, what have you.
The meeting is tonight right? Yeah, it's Tuesday nights. I'm going to try to go. I still have to pack. :/

Yeah, something like that shows how little control of the mind people have on substances such as LSD, but the test itself was interesting to see.

I'll stick with the natural stuff. :)