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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

old shots of BTS are online. BTS' one year anniversary on 5-29-08!!!

Hey ya'll

I know we just had a BTS mic nearly a week ago, yet I've finally uploaded February's BTS. I apologize for the delay of these pictures, luckily it's spring break and I have time to upload some forgotten pictures. I took some pictures back in January's BTS, but most of it was video, not much pictures were taken...

Unfortunately, I was unable to take any pictures from this past BTS. It was probably the first BTS i was unable to take pictures... Well, with 1 month away, we have our one anniversary open mic, so we should try to make it big; i'll definitely take pictures for the next one.

I've also uploaded my 21st bday pictures. I know i'm late in saying this, but thank you all for those that were able to attend, you guys made my 21st bday unforgettable.

matt's 21st bday

BTS 2-28-08

-matt n.