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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alternative Media: because CNN is not better than FOX.

Unfortunately there aren't many news channels or media outlets [in the mainstream] that provide anything close to sensible coverage of the issues confronting us in the world as a whole... and simply within our own backyards. Our news media serves, instead of being liable sources of information for the general public, an elite group. They work to misinform and spread propaganda already fed to us through our institutions and so called leaders. Therefore it is vital to have some knowledge of alternative media outlets that offer a variety of scope (from the war in Iraq to public education in LA to the music scene in Brasil) and perspectives.

Here are just a few:

Al Jazeera

an Arabian television network noted for providing dissident views on issues like the Iraqi war and issues in the Middle East. It has gained enemies in America as well as in the countries it serves to inform. Obviously, it has its biases, but it serves as important voice for the Arab community.


Check this sight out for news story of local grass roots activism usually ignored in the mainstream media.

Link TV

WAY better than PBS! Pretty much the only American TV station that I know that has original programming, offers different perspectives on global and national news, as well as offering various cultural programs throughout the world (great way to checkout the conscious global music scene).

National Public Radio

Consider this the radio version of PBS. Except with more news and no Elmo.

Press TV

An Iranian news station. As Iran is a hotspot right now (future US occupation possibilities) it is important for us to get their side of the story.

...is pretty much the voice of the libertarian. You might not agree with their views but I find Reason to be refreshing when juxtaposed to our homogenized "two" party system of politics that never seems to offer anything new.

World News
This site gathers articles from news outlets throughout the globe. Even articles about America are many times provided through an outside lens; which can help us see much that we are blind to or would never get to hear in the states.

If you know of any more sites that you frequent for your news, please do inform!

- Rudy Duriez


guava said...

Great post.

In other news: http://www.alternet.org/blogs/video/78148/

Oh, FOX.